2018 Women’s Summit: Rise to the Challenge and Reach New Heights!

This has been quite a year – one filled with accomplishments, changes, and challenges.

In the Fortune 500 annual list of top CEOs, women claimed 32 spots – a record number that included the first Latina. The reality, however, is that women make up just 6.2 percent of those listed, and U.S. women earn 20 percent less than men, on average.

The painful experiences that many people encounter in their careers came under public scrutiny when revelations about harassment surfaced in Hollywood, at Uber and Fox News, within startup and venture capital communities, and other industries. Scores of people rallied in support of those affected, while perpetrators face the consequences of their actions.

Worldwide natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires made us appreciate the basic necessities that we often take for granted. Senseless acts of violence in Las Vegas, London, New York, Texas, and elsewhere shook us to the core and left many unanswered questions. Through it all, we were moved by the selflessness of first responders and volunteers, as well as the kindness and generosity of people everywhere. Personally, some of us faced our own health, financial, and workplace challenges or are caring for family members in need.

How can we rise to meet these challenges? Whenever possible, we must proactively protect ourselves and our families. Taking control of our professional and personal success is essential in today’s world. Thankfully, more women and men have begun to work in partnership with their companies to create flexible options for career paths and advancement opportunities.

But there is still more to be done. Leaders and managers must educate themselves about the realities their employees face each and every day. Managers should also review formal and informal career systems and expand career advancement paths to include options that align with employees’ diverse career lifecycles.

At Bryant University, we design the Women’s Summit to inspire and empower you – professionally and personally – as you manage life in challenging times. Workshop sessions about innovative thinking, financial empowerment, confidence building, improving communication skills, cybersecurity, diversity awareness, entrepreneurship, marketing, mentoring, and healthy lifestyles can help you achieve success and ensure future well-being.

We look forward to welcoming you to the 2018 Women’s Summit: Rise to the Challenge and Reach New Heights!

Kati Machtley
Director, Women’s Summit