7:30 – 9:00 a.m.
Heidi and Walter Stepan Grand Hall
George E. Bello Center for Information and Technology

(After 9:00 a.m., register in the Elizabeth and Malcolm Chace Wellness and Athletic Center)

7:30 – 8:15 a.m
Continental Breakfast
Elizabeth and Malcolm Chace Wellness and Athletic Center

8:15 – 8:45 a.m.
Welcoming Remarks
Chace Wellness Center

8:45 – 9:30 a.m.
Opening Keynote Speaker: Jennifer Hyman
Chace Wellness Center

9:30 – 9:45 a.m.
Chace Wellness Center

9:45 – 11:00 a.m.
Session A Workshops

Sessions are defined for professional audiences as indicated:
1 Beginning 2 Middle 3 Executive
What's Your ALL? The Power of Purpose: Evaluate Your Life at Every Stage

YOU have what it takes to become YOUR best self. Evaluating your life at every stage requires you to focus on sustainable success. In this session, explore best practices for getting "unstuck," and create an action plan to jumpstart YOUR next stage. Elevate YOUR personal and professional performance with an emphasis on contribution, excellence, and purpose. This session is sponsored by Amica Insurance.

Speaker: Gail Lowney Alofsin, President and Founder, Authentic Measurable Performance (AMP!),

View From the Top: Rising to the Challenge - Perspectives From Three Leaders

Learn from three accomplished women about managing the path to successful leadership in today's volatile environment. With experience drawn from very different types of organizations, each will share insights about navigating unique industry challenges, as well as overcoming obstacles that many women face while developing careers.

Moderator: Carol DeMoranville, Ph.D., Associate Provost, Bryant University

Speakers: Tia Bush, Vice President of Site Operations, AMGEN Rhode Island,; Nellie M. Gorbea, MPA, Rhode Island Secretary of State,; Janet Hasson, Regional Vice President, GateHouse Media; President and Publisher, The Providence Journal,,

Claim Your Financial Power

Are you making your money work for you? Three personal finance experts will discuss a variety of ways you can create financial freedom: saving for retirement, investing, negotiating, paying off debt - including student loans, buying real estate, and making savvy financial decisions. The panel will also share tips and actions you can take to help achieve your financial goals.

Moderator: Maura Ann Dowling, CFP, Lecturer, Department of Finance, Bryant University

Speakers: Jane E. McAuliffe '95, CDFA, Financial Advisor at Axis Advisors, President of Collaborative Divorce Strategies,,; Carolyn Nunez, CFP®, MBA, Co-Founder and Principal, Ithaka Financial Planning,; Colleen Rolph, MBA, Group Learning Squad Leader, Fidelity Investments,

Taking a Stand With Fearless Girl: How Diversity and Inclusion Can Change the Conversation

The Fearless Girl statue has fueled powerful conversations about women in leadership and the need for more diversity at all levels in business, government, and the community. This session will explore how Fearless Girl came to life, explain why the focus on gender diversity is so important, and highlight tools and resources that will grow diverse and skilled workforces - while advancing women through the ranks.

Speakers: Kelly Nevins, MS, Executive Director, Women's Fund of Rhode Island,; Dominica Ribeiro, MS, Head of Institutional Marketing, State Street Global Advisors,

New Perspectives on Aging and Menopause

Aging is a reality. While menopause is a normal part of aging, many women enter into this transition without knowing what to expect. Join two medical experts for an honest and relaxed discussion about menopause and aging - whether you have yet to begin the transition or have been experiencing symptoms for some time. In addition, monologues and songs from the play Menopause Mama will introduce the concept of changing one's consciousness from anti-aging to pro-aging.

Speakers: Mary Catherine DeRosa, MD, FACOG, NCMP, CCD, Gynecologist, Lifespan Physician Group-Gynecology; Director, Menopause Consultation Program, Women's Medicine Collaborative; Clinical Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University,,; Teri Pearlstein, MD, Psychiatrist and Director of Women's Behavioral Medicine, Women's Medicine Collaborative; Menopause Consultation Program, Women's Medicine Collaborative; Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior and Professor of Medicine, The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University,,; Rose Weaver, MFA, renowned writer, actor, singer, and speaker; former member of Trinity Rep for 23 seasons; CEO of Waterspill Junction, Inc., an education through the arts nonprofit organization,

Executive Presence for Women: One Size Doesn't Fit All!

As you advance into leadership roles, the discussion often defaults to your executive presence (EP). What exactly is "EP", and how do you leverage it to make a bigger impact? Learn from an executive coach whose company has cracked the code and identified the specific qualities of presence that enable leaders to align, inspire, and motivate people to act. Tap into your unique strengths to make a bigger impact and drive business outcomes.

Speaker: Elizabeth Freedman, MBA, Principal, Bates Communications,

Everything Is Negotiable - Do It Skillfully!

You know what you want, but do you know how to ask for it? This session will address key negotiation skills that you can apply at any level of your career. Explore rules, skills, and tips that can boost your confidence and bring results. Learn how to ask for what you want and how to successfully identify reactions that can clinch or destroy the outcome you desire. A complimentary post-Summit coaching session will be offered.

Speaker: Joy Conley Kacik, Partner, Kacik Consulting Services, LLC,

Making Time WORK for the Professional Woman

Challenges can invigorate us, but they can also stop us in our tracks. Do you ever feel that your day is not your own as you try to deal with the pressure of people's demands? In this session, discover how to effectively manage online communication, prioritize so that deadlines are met, and learn best organizational practices for maximum results. Rise to the challenge and master your time.

Speaker: Carol Williams, Founder and Owner, Efficient Productivity Systems (EPS); productivity coach,

Shifting Your Lens: The PAUSE Method for Mindfully Approaching Relationships

Mindfulness - being aware of our thoughts and emotions - can affect professional and personal relationships and actions. The PAUSE method can help you become more mindful and peaceful, and approach your relationships to others in a productive and positive way. In this session, acquire tools that can help you become a better listener, a clearer thinker, and a calmer responder - ready to rise to any challenge.

Speaker: Kim Fuller, TEDx speaker, author, photographer, mindfulness coach,

Miles In Heels' Golden Rules for Getting Past Hello!™

Networking doesn't come naturally for most of us, but it is a critical component to overall success. Meeting people is one thing, taking those introductions to the next level is something else entirely. "Getting Past Hello!™" is a unique approach to cultivating lasting professional relationships. Develop the tools you need to take charge of any networking situation and master the art of the flawless follow-through.

Speaker: Kim Miles, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Miles In Heels Productions

Not Your Grandmother's Advertising: Challenges of Marketing in Today's Digital World

Marketing has changed more in the past five years than it has in the previous five decades. We are now in a conversation culture, while traditional advertising has been pushed aside for quicker, faster, cheaper, and more targeted digital tactics. In this session, you will learn 10 new marketing initiatives that successful businesses are utilizing today. Discover how to engage and connect with today's savvy consumer - on their terms.

Speaker: Christine Tieri, President and Founder, Idea Agency; Certified Brand Strategist,

International Business Bootcamp

Globalization affects all industries and careers, so how do you build and enhance cross-cultural competencies? This interactive session will challenge participants to reach new global heights through a combination of expert guidance, strategic focus, and tactical tools. Each participant will leave the session with a personal plan to identify strategies for working globally, leading effective virtual teams, and preparing for an international trip or career assignment.

Speaker: Stacie Nevadomski Berdan, author; Founder and President, SNB Media LLC,

11:00 – 11:15 a.m.
Session A Book Signing

11:15 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Power Plenary Session Speaker: Jody Urquhart
Chace Wellness Center

12:00 – 12:15 p.m.
Power Plenary Book Signing
Chace Wellness Center

12:15 – 12:45 p.m.
Luncheon and Bryant University New England Businesswoman of the Year Award
Chace Wellness Center

(Doors open at noon)

12:45 – 1:35 p.m.
Luncheon Keynote Speaker: Nely Galán
Chace Wellness Center

1:35 – 2:00 p.m.
Break/Book Signing
Chace Wellness Center

2:00 – 3:15 p.m.
Session B Workshops

Sessions are defined for professional audiences as indicated:
1 Beginning 2 Middle 3 Executive
Start to Finish: The Early Career Woman's Guide to Financial Wisdom

It is never too early to begin saving. The sooner you start caring for your financial well-being, the more prepared you may be later in life. Understand your income and outflow, and learn how to balance them to your advantage. Make a plan for your finances and financial future, and start off on the right foot.

Speaker: Betsey O'Boyle, MBA, JD, Financial Consultant, Institutional Business Division, TIAA,

Take Control of Your Personal Information: Understanding the Risks and Rewards of Using Smartphones, Mobile Applications, and Social Media

In the wake of recent massive data breaches and theft of personal information, how can we protect our privacy? This interactive session will provide practical tips for protecting yourself from identify theft. Learn how to safeguard personal information and identify the risks associated with using mobile applications, smartphones, and social media. Understand the features of smartphones, applications, and websites, and how they collect your personal information.

Speaker: Linn F. Freedman, JD, Partner, Robinson+Cole; Chair, Data Privacy + Cybersecurity Team,

Flexing Character Strengths to Smash Glass Ceilings and Reach New Heights

Say hello to your personal superpowers! This session will help you to discover your unique fingerprint of strengths. Learn what makes you tick and uncover activation pathways to amplify your strengths while living out your purpose. Take your "Signature Strengths" and optimize them for growth, while retraining your brain to focus on strengths instead of shortcomings. You can apply this personal exploration and learning to professional growth and development.

Speaker: Janet Kraus, MBA, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Peach,

The Power of a Mentor in the Workplace and Beyond

The value of mentors in women's careers - from interns to CEOs - should not be understated. In this session, gain insight into identifying and building relationships with potential mentors who can help you to achieve the career of your dreams. Identify the skills necessary to be a successful female leader and mentor, while learning how to establish and expand upon individual career goals - both as a mentor and a mentee.

Speaker: Wendy Foster, President and Chief Executive Officer, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay,

Meet the Challenges of the Entrepreneurial Journey

Entrepreneurs embark upon their chosen paths with passion and conviction. How do they keep this focus when confronted with the realities of everyday living? What do they do when confronted with life-altering situations that are out of their control? Three successful and resilient entrepreneurs will empower you with the knowledge they gained on their individual journeys. You'll realize that you are not alone when certain obstacles change how you feel about yourself and your business.

Moderator: Carmen Diaz-Jusino, MS, Program Director, Center for Women & Enterprise

Co-Moderator: Veronica Rosa, MEd, Vice President of Development and Engagement, Center for Women & Enterprise

Speakers: Lulu Locks, Founder and Owner, Suite Tart and Providence Pin-Up,; Erica Saccoccio, Founder, Owner, and President, A Family Tree School-Age Enrichment Program, LLC,; Lisa Tener, MS, published author and creator of the Bring Your Book to Life® Program,

Shining a Light on Unconscious Bias: The Woman in Leadership Perspective

Unconscious bias slips into our fundamental work responsibilities every day. Research is beginning to show that unconscious bias is insidious and can negatively impact an organization's culture and financial success, even when the organization is committed to inclusion. In this highly interactive session, explore where unconscious bias comes from and how it manifests itself. You'll walk away with shareable tools that can help deepen mutual respect within your organization.

Speaker: Janet M. Edmunson, MEd, President, JME Insights,

Ensuring Successful Change: The Value of Focusing on the People

In an organization, it is the people who control the success or failure of change. When we can view change from the perspective of the people - not just the organization itself - we are more likely to be successful with lasting change initiatives. This interactive session will focus on change from the perspective of the employees of an organization - and strategies to engage employees in change.

Speaker: Gina Abudi, MBA, President, Abudi Consulting Group, LLC; Adjunct Professor, Granite State College,

Neuro-based Strategies and Secrets to Reach Your Most Confident Self

Research tells us that confident people are happier, more productive, and resilient. Neuroscience now proves that we can regulate confidence. By understanding how and why confidence works in everyone's brains and impacts behaviors, you can gain control of every interpersonal interaction. Apply the same high-performance tools and techniques used by elite athletes, military, and C-suite executives to pump your own brain with small-win endorphins and build neural pathways that boost confidence and well-being.

Speaker: Alyssa Dver, Chief Confidence Officer, author, and speaker, American Confidence Institute,

Successful Workplace Conflict Management

Unresolved conflict in the workplace can lead to reduced productivity, poor client service, absenteeism, and work-related stress. How do you approach conflict? Explore the causes of conflict and the verbal, vocal, and non-verbal attributes of communication, and acquire skills and strategies to identify conflict, with specific emphasis on active listening. Learn to ask for clarification during a conversation and prevent misunderstandings that can quickly become adversarial.

Speaker: Peggy S. Bud. Founder, Speaking Skillfully,

Keys to Reaching Your Full Potential: Willingness, Preparation, and Courage

Many women shy away from reaching their full potential because they are unwilling to be uncomfortable, uncertain, or in a place of unknown possibilities. Are you willing to experience discomfort and uncertainty and show up - even when the outcome is not clear? Learn to recognize the significance of your voice, skills, and gifts. Implement key factors that can help you step out of your comfort zone and into the arena.

Speaker: Megan Gunnell, LMSW, MT-BC, psychotherapist, writer, speaker, and international retreat leader,

The Power of Style: Elevating Your Personal Presence and Professional Image

Power posing, first impressions, and decision fatigue (the average person makes 35,000 decisions each day) can make or break your personal and professional advancement ambitions. In this session, explore the latest research behind the power of personal style and how to use image as a tool to advance. You'll be inspired to simplify your style, upgrade your look, and boost your confidence to reflect who you wish to become.

Speaker: Jill Marinelli, Personal Stylist,

Eat Your Feelings: Rise Up in the Kitchen to Boost Your Mood

This interactive presentation and cooking demonstration, which has been likened to "WebMD meets BuzzFeed with a dash of Rachael Ray," teaches participants to eat their feelings for emotional and mental health. You'll examine the brain/gut connection and the foods that can help combat stress, anxiety, and depression. Watch a food demonstration on how to make simple meals and snacks with mood-boosting ingredients, and learn simple kitchen hacks to make cooking more enjoyable.

Speaker: Lindsey Smith, the Food Mood Girl, author, speaker, wellness coach,

3:15 – 3:30 p.m.
Session B Book Signing

3:30 – 4:30 p.m.
Closing Keynote Speaker: Brigid Schulte
Chace Wellness Center

4:30 – 5:30 p.m.
Networking Reception/Book Signing
Heidi and Walter Stepan Grand Hall
George E. Bello Center